A look back on Mitch's 12 months at Blended

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Mitchell Formica
August 6, 2020

Mitch Formica recently celebrated his 1st anniversary with the Blended team!

We interviewed Mitch about his first twelve months…


Highs during the first 12 months?

There’s been lots of training, up-skilling

Everyone knows the senior team are on kind of another level in our industry, so it’s been great soaking up their skills and knowledge.

I studied for and passed my Marketing Cloud Email Specialist and Administration Certification– an industry exam – which was a definite high.

I’m now going for the next one (developer certification) – this meant a lot to me.

We did some really good work at Toyota, I was working with them for 8 months or so

Also some great team bonding – managing change, helping out, bringing up the morale



Key learning/s from your time at Blended? 

Within the digital marketing realm, attention to detail is absolutely paramount

Whilst being a consultant we can wear many hats from project management, developing marketing solutions with code stakeholder management. So sometimes you’ll be smashing out work, in the zone coding, not wanting to be disturbed

Another time, you’ll be in a meeting needing to eloquently describe marketing journeys to senior managers – simplifying ideas, and reducing the use of highly technical language.




The client is the most important thing and it’s about managing expectations – and managing all the way in terms of timings and deliverability

For a the bigger projects – it can take a while to scope out how long the project will take.

When you are working in-house (on-site) with a client, it’s a lot easier as you sit with them, they see you working and you are working through projects day-to-day, with WIPs etc

WFH – need to build transparency, communicate project management, build trust


Tell us a bit about your career history before Blended?

I’ve always been in the digital marketing space.

Started out at a pharmaceutical company – Sigma Health Care – CRM Specialist

Moved to IVE– I was in the campaign management team – Melbourne Airport, Mercedes Benz

Worked with Nick, Damon, Adam and Alex here


Around a year ago Nick called me up… Nick and Damon interviewed me for BD


Why did you want to work here? 

I knew for a fact that Blended was the next step forward for me.

I could grow more, learn lots of new exciting things, and gain exposure to knew technology and business than I would get anywhere else

It all comes down to Blended’s methodology - Blending our role

It can be stressful at times juggling so many things, but also very good for career building – managing clients, diving deep into roles

Multi-skilled workers – for clients – for cost-effective and more efficient

Otherwise, it can get very expensive very quickly

I really enjoy my time working with Nick, Damon, Alex and Adam – I really looked forward to working with them again


What sets Blended apart from other Martech businesses?

Blended really takes care of their clients – really strive to take care of clients

We do that by delivering really good work and going above and beyond on any project or task.


Tell us a bit about your role? Official title - what you do day-to-day?

Associate Marketing Technology Consultant

Basically, every day I'll discuss with the team my priorities and clients ill be working on and juggle the day as best i can

Typical day might include developer work, communicating back what has been done, what’s next / queries and questions. Usually have a few different meetings (WFH), go-lives with journeys, data related work, I’ll take care of that

And then there’s email building, templates, code, timesheets. It’s a mixed bag!


How have the last few months been WFH?


WFH has been a bit of a challenge

It’s changed more than just my work habits - I’m now in a routine I’m very comfortable with

Workout, breakfast, smash out work, training. The day goes by very quickly!


Communicating with peers, collaboration you need, help, advice – Zoom call doesn’t always cut it

Looking forward to getting back into the office… whenever that is!



How do you plan to celebrate your work anniversary?

Lunch with the guys.

Drinks and a feed.

Maybe they’ll take me to Vue de Monde (laughs)


Predictions for the Martech world in the next 12 months? 

My predictions would be more related to clients than technology


Martech industry has already changed since COVID began

Older, more established cos – with traditional marketing expenditure on events etc – digital marketing might be a bit of a shock to become more reliant on DM

Newer companies – might not be much of a change

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