Say "hello" to Alex Quan, Blended's newest Solution Architect

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Alex Quan
May 20, 2020

Meet our newest Blended Digital team member, Alex!

Alex cut his teeth in various agencies, before an in-house role at Sensis. Day-today he helps Blended translate business requirements into technical solutions that add value - 'nerding out tings', as he puts it.

When not in the office, Alex can be found rock-climbing, tending to his garden or growing his collection of pink flamingoes (true story).

We asked Alex a few key questions to get some insight into how his brain works:

1. When did you join Blended?

April 2020.

2. What's your official title?

Solutions Architect.

3. Describe your role day to day? What does being a Solutions Architect involve?

I translate business requirements into technical solutions. In other words, this means solving business problems through programming.

I specialise in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but I have experience in working across all major enterprise solutions.

I’m currently WFH and based in Melbourne due to COVID-19, however I’ll move between client offices and work onsite with different projects further down the track when we can!

4. Previous work history?

I cut my teeth in agency land, before moving to Sensis (Yellow Pages, White Pages, True Local). I’ve worked with leading Salesforce partners, CX consultancy and digital marketing agencies before joining Blended Digital.

5. You describe yourself as a Hybrid Geek. Explain!

I love nerding out stuff - programming, building, spending my time learning new things. Not everything will translate into work that's applicable, but that's fine – it’s part of the process.

5. Why did you want to work at BD?

I believe in the work Blended is doing. I like how they work, how they treat clients, how they focus on delivering true value to organisations.

The industry sell the buzzwords of martech... but tend to undeliver, talking in ‘ify’ terms with vague objectives from the start.

Blended’s Co-Founders, Adam Crow and Damon McMillan, along with the senior team are experienced working across all project sizes, big and small, and with a multitude of types of clients and industries.

I’m excited by how much there is to learn from a technology perspective, but in terms of client service – how to deliver tangible value.

7. What do you like to do outside of work?

Well, during COVID-19 days not much!

I enjoy catching up with friends, running, window shopping. And I’m into everything from bouldering, rock-climbing, to cycling and gardening.

Note - I’m pretty social and outdoorsy for a nerd!

8. What’s the biggest mistake many make in martech?

I think the biggest mistake is failing to realise the complexity of the martech space.

On the one hand, you don’t want to over-complicate the space with jargon and buzzwords, but on the other there’s lots of data, processes, systems that need to be aligned.

The ability to deliver really cool and interesting campaigns involves a lot of work that you can't see.

9. If you weren't a tech geek working for Blended, where would we find you?

In a bike shop, selling and fixing bicycles. I love seeing happy customers riding their bikes.

10. Tell us about *that* pink flamingo....

There's a bit of a bird theme in this room. Actually, there's pink flamingos laying all around my house. Like all great love interests, my pink flamingo ‘thing’ has happened organically… and has grown over time.
Did you know flamingos get their colour from eating shrimp?! True story.

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