Julie Dormand from Dormand Consulting has joined Blended as Strategic Advisor.

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Damon McMillan
June 1, 2021

In 2019, Julie won Mumbrella’s Business Leader award. She has also been awarded the ADMA Jon Clark Award for Contribution to the Industry, a B&T Mentor of the Year Finalist and is currently Secretary of the Board for ADHD Australia.

Previously Dormand has worked client-side as a marketer, ran MercerBell as an independent agency and then as part of the third largest communications group in the world, Publicis Groupe.

Julie, is now running Dormand Consulting, will work with our co-founders Adam Crow and Damon McMillan to build our unique offering in market and to accelerate our impressive growth.

Why you started Dormand Consultancy and what your goal is?

I have a passion for working with independent businesses to help them succeed.

Having worked as a client-side marketer, run an independent agency and then run MercerBell as part of one of the most successful multinationals, Publicis Groupe, my aim is to bring my skills and knowledge to other businesses to help them grow.

My career has allowed me to learn from the best and to have experience some incredible training in all areas across business, leadership, people, culture and marketing. I'm keen to share this with others to their advantage.

How would you describe your career highlights?

I see myself as a business leader with a customer and marketing background. I received the Mumbrella Business Leader Awards in 2019. in recognition of me leading a business with year on year growth across an extended period of time and creating an exceptional culture. It was such a surprise to me as I was in the UK at the time and hadn't send anyone to pick up the award as I didn't think I would win!

Being a part of the industry and putting time into working with others to progress change is an important contribution that leaders should make. The time spent as Chair to committees and on the Board of ADMA allowed me to help them introduce new programs and I received the Jon Clark Award for Contribution to the Industry as a result.

A lot of my success I put down to being lucky enough to learn from great mentors and bosses, I want to make sure other people have this same ability to learn from others. Currently, I am an active Mentor for mentor Walks Australia, which played a part in being a B&T Mentor of the Year Award Finalist in 2020. This is a mentor program for women where we take an hour walk answer burning questions. Steps and career advice work well together.

Why are you joining Blended?

I've been aware of the Blended Digital services for a few years and they have been a MarTech delivery partner for me at MercerBell across numerous clients. I have always been impressed with their client focussed approach and ability to be nimble in responding to our needs. Their ability to operate across multiple platforms and act as a seamless extension of our team was impressive.

When Adam and Damon asked me to consult to them at a business level I was delighted to be able to share my learnings and knowledge with a business who I had aligned values with and saw as a unique offering in the market.

What are you aiming to achieve with Blended?

Blended is a unique team of multi-discipline experts who are growing in a market that needs experts in implementing and operating Marketing Technology. My focus is to help them have the right tools, focus and business strategy for their next stage of growth. I am also keen to help promote the Blended business to those looking at a new tech stack or to improve the operationalisation of their current stack.

What are the major opportunities for the business?

We were lucky to be introduced to Blended through word-of-mouth and found a partner that we could 100% trust to deliver with us. many businesses fail to utilise their platforms to maximise the benefit to the business. This is where Blended can really make a difference for clients.

Thanks for your time Julie! 

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