Meet Johan, Blended's New Marketing Technology Consultant

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Mylene Czorny
April 6, 2021

Meet Johan, Blended's New Marketing Technology Consultant

Johan started his career as a back-end developer, before moving into Martech a few years ago. He says Blended’s agnostic and end-to-end approach to consultancy approach attracted him to the role – and says he encourages all his clients to consider long-term outcomes and scalability when looking at technology options.

Johan describes himself as a futurist and a foodie – and if he wasn’t working at Blended, his dream career would be serving up happiness from inside his own food truck!

1. When did you join Blended?

March 2021 (Monday, 22 March 2021 to be exact)

2. What's your official title?

My official title in Blended team is Marketing Technology Consultant

3. Describe your role day to day? What does your role involve? 

My role varies according to client requirements. Starting from engaging stakeholders to identify business requirements and translating it into technical solutions, setting up marketing campaigns, and producing reports for review.

4. Previous work history?

I started my career as a back end web developer. A few years ago, I made the transition to marketing. Since then, I have been polishing my skills in the way of modern marketing technology.

5. Describe yourself in five words.

Foodie, futurist, inquisitive, family man.

6. Why did you want to work at BD?

The agnostic and end-to-end consultancy approach offered by BD really piqued my interest. For me, it represents an ideal best practice to deliver a solution for the business.

7. What do you like to do outside of work?

Immersing myself in world's history and rich cultures through culinary adventures, local and international.

8. What’s the biggest mistake many make in Martech?

Being locked down to a particular viewpoint, technology, or process; which often results in non-ideal solutions short-term and less scalability forthe long-term.

9. What are your predictions for Martech over the next year or two?

Social media and Push notification is going to be the major marketing channel, taking over email and SMS. As more customer data are being mined, marketing approaches and materials will get more personal.

10. If you weren't working for Blended, where would we find you?

Most likely I will be serving happiness to people from the inside of my food truck.

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