Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release January 2020

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Nick Epstein
February 6, 2020

020 is here and with that comes a new release of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The update is set to go live towards the end of the month and into February. For those who are wanting an in-depth read, the full release notes can be found here.

Here are some key new features that stood out to the team at Blended:

Set a Custom Einstein Send Time Optimisation Send Window

The Einstein Send Optimisation will now enable a larger window of time  to allow STO to work its magic. This flexibility now enables STO to function over a single day, a full week or any number of days in between. Control over how Einstein handles contacts without enough data for send time optimisation modelling is now also available.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Einstein STO

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration with Google Analytics 360 Enhancements

You’ll now be able to view performance of SMS sends and how they impact conversions and other interactions within your Google Analytics tagged sites. All from the comfort of Journey Builder.

Google Analytics 360 Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Unlock the Impact of Your Email Subject Lines with Einstein Copy Insights

Einstein Copy Insights is a new dashboard within Marketing Cloud that collects insights derived from your email subject line data to optimise engagement across email campaigns. It includes statistics and some lovely graphs to highlight the highest performing, lowest and most used subject lines among a range of other information. Machine learning powers this tool so expect the analysis to improve over time.

Understand Send Performance Anomalies with Einstein

Einstein Message Insights will now monitor email sends from each business unit daily to assess the performance of email sends. With a focus on Open Rates, Click Rates and Unsubscribes. Notifying users when any of these core metrics fall out of the expected boundaries Einstein has previously predicted. As with many Einstein features, the data is analysed on a rolling 90 day period. This feature is expected to be rolled out to all Pro, Corporate and Enterprise accounts by February 11th AEST.

Build Tracking Parameters with Ease

Previously to edit or view your analytics and UTM parameters set with Marketing Cloud. A support case was required (and often a few follow-ups). Now Web Analytics Connector parameters and the Google Analytics tracking parameter string will be editable all within the Marketing Cloud setup. Easy!

Find Your SMS Analytics Faster with the Updated Message Name

A simple change to benefit the lives of those generating reports for SMS campaigns. You can now control the SMS message name within Journey Builder which will then appear in all reports and data extracts from the system. Previously SMS messages sent from Journey Builder were named with a Reporting ID automatically such as this:

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