Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release Notes May 2020

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Nick Epstein
May 18, 2020

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud release notes for May 2020 point to a few large updates and improvements. Most notably a feature in Journey Builder many have been waiting years for! Read below to find see the new features & improvements that stood out to the team at Blended Digital.

The full release notes can be found here.

Pause and Resume Journeys in Journey Builder

This is a big one, something nearly everyone and anyone who has used Journey Builder in Marketing Cloud will ask about "Can I pause journeys?". Up until now the only method to halt a contacts flow through a Journey was to stop the entire journey. This was problematic for numerous reasons one being that you would kick every contact out of the journey regardless of whether they were on the first email in the Journey or they were 5 weeks into your win-back campaign. With the new update, you will be able to pause live Journeys and resume them via the Journey Builder interface or REST API requests if you are so inclined.

Create, Send, and Monitor Single Send Push Journeys from Journey Builder

When Single Send Journeys were released in January you may noticed in the "What do you want to build?" panel in Journey Builder with the below message showcasing email as the only available channel. Now you will also be able to select Push as a Single Send Journey creation option. Not everyone will use this as it requires your companies mobile app to be integrated with Marketing Cloud however if you are integrated then this will be a welcome improvement. Expect SMS to follow as the next available channel in updates later this year.

Single Send Journeys creation panel

Experiment in Journey Builder with Path Optimizer

AB testing has long been a feature of Marketing Cloud however it is an older feature and was not integrated with Journey Builder, where the majority of Marketing Cloud customers now build and send their marketing communications. Salesforce has created a new feature within Journey Builder to bring the functionality of AB testing to Journey Builder however instead of just A/B you may now have up to 10 paths for subscriber distributions. Not only that, if you want to test every facet of your Journey, you can. You will be able to place Journey Optimizer activities at many points throughout a singular Journey. Winning paths can be decided automatically via email engagement metrics (open, click) or yet to be defined "other outcomes". This one is sure to keep the marketing teams busy for years to come!

Preview the New CloudPages Experience

CloudPages has long been quite clunky to use and by modern web page building tool standards lacking usability to build beautiful responsive web pages. The update hints that a new CloudPages Experience app is coming to Marketing Cloud later in the year to replace the existing app(woo!). Salesforce is giving a preview available to all accounts with CloudPages to test and utilise the new user interface, features and provide feedback to improve the end product.

Copy Image URLs Faster

This new feature is one for those of you who are the content creators! You will now be able to simply copy the image URL from the Content Builder library actions dropdown instead of from the properties view.

If you want to know more about unlocking the full potential of Marketing Cloud or your Marketing Automation platforms get in touch with us here.

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